Neck pain, stiffness and headaches
Tired of the pain in your neck?

Neck pain can often be traced to old injuries, poor posture and problems in other areas of the back. Neck pain will affect over 40% of people in their lifetime and is #4 on the list of worldwide disabilities. Neck pain affects people in all age groups, both males and females and people of all shapes and sizes.

Neck muscles can be strained from poor posture – whether it’s leaning over your computer, texting on your phone or hunching over your desk or workbench.

Critical movement between the bones of the neck and upper back may be lost, resulting in ongoing muscles aches, nerve irritation, stiffness and headaches.

Our gentle neck treatments can help you overcome that nagging pain in the neck.

How we can help you get pain free

We start with getting your story. What's troubling you and how did you get this way? What are your goals for your visits to our clinic?

We then perform a thorough examination to find the cause of your problem, explain the problem to you and propose a customized plan for getting better. We may use a variety of gentle hands-on treatments and advise you on posture and corrective exercises.

We love to use our experience and gentle approach to help you with your neck pain.



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