What causes back pain?

If you are experiencing back pain, you are not alone. In fact, at one time or another back pain will affect over 80% of the population. It’s no wonder that back pain is the #1 cause of disability in the world today. It can affect anyone: young, elderly and middle-aged populations.

We see back pain in all kinds of people; fit individuals, sedentary individuals, overweight and underweight people. Tall and short people too.

And we love using our experience to help people overcome their back pain.

The causes are varied but often involve a combination of injury, poor posture, poor alignment, muscle weakness and a loss of the critical movement between each vertebrae.

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How movement impacts your back and neck pain
While back and neck injuries do occur, many problems stem from poor movement, poor alignment and muscle weakness.

While injuries to the back and neck in sports and daily life do occur, more often back and neck problems stem from poor movement – and how we maintain our posture and alignment while we move. By the time we are into our early school years, we learn our ABC’s, but we also fall into poor sitting postures and poor movement patterns.This can stress our nervous system, muscles and spinal discs, tighten our hips and throw our head and neck forward, out of alignment with the rest of the body.

We now start to move our bodies in compromised ways that lead to excessive stress on the body and premature wear and tear, eventually leading to back and neck pain. We lose the critical movement needed between each vertebra that allows proper muscle function. Exercising or simple activities such as walking with these compromised movements patterns often make matters worse, further aggravating your pain.

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Understand the hows & whys of back pain

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