Join us starting this Thursday, May 5th at 9:00 AM, PDT live on ZOOM as we explore the foundation of balance and posture - your feet! Free!

There is so much to learn and explore as we take the focus and attention up the chain from the feet to the ankles and beyond.

What is balance? How can we create environments and tasks to train and improve our balance?  We need to make balance training part of our exercise programming to ensure we maintain and improve this important component of our health and safety.

We have a program that combines reinforcing posture, breath, and quality of movement. The home environment is a great place to train your feet, ankles and improve your balance.

Join Sheila and Lyndsay from the Sheila Hamilton Movement Garden to learn the program, have fun and learn how to modify exercises based on your current fitness level.

Build a stronger version of yourself!

If you can't attend our free four live Zoom workshops, look for the handout ( coming soon ) with video links under our Self Help Guides section of our website


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David Olson

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