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May is National Physiotherapy Month!  

In support of our physiotherapist colleagues,  Edgemont Chiropractic wanted to dedicate this month’s blog to our local physiotherapy clinic, Village Physiotherapy. Thanks to Emily for sharing a general overview of the clinic and how physiotherapy can be an important part of the treatment plan for patients.

May is Physiotherapy Awareness Month, and I am excited to share some insights that might just make a difference in your journey to feeling your best. If you're someone who typically sees a chiropractor, I want to let you know that physiotherapy could be a fantastic complement to your current care routine. Physiotherapy brings a unique set of tools to the table that can amplify your results and assist you in achieving your health goals. 

At Village Physiotherapy, we take a hands-on approach to treatment, from manual therapy to exercise, and sport re-integration. We are all about getting to the root of the issue and helping you find long-lasting relief.

To compliment your hands on treatment, we can also utilize modalities such as shockwave therapy and dry needling (acupuncture and IMS), that can take your recovery to the next level. And the best part? You don't need a doctor's referral to come and see us! Physiotherapists can assess your injury/ condition, make a physiotherapy diagnosis , and discuss options for a possible treatment plan. 

So, if you're curious about how physiotherapy could complement your current chiropractic care, why not give us a try? Our team is here to support you every step of the way, and together, we can help you move better, feel better, and live better. Let's make this journey to wellness a team effort!

-Emily and the rest of the Village Physio team  


Village Physiotherapy 

3050 Highland Blvd.

North Vancouver, BC


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