I know a man in the UK who is able to create sufficient wealth that affords him large homes there and abroad. Expensive cars too. He is known and admired by many of us for this ability. But all of his homes and all of his cars are in a state of disrepair. He never takes care of their structural needs. No maintenance ever. When the roof finally leaked enough, it collapsed, ruining the entire inside of his Mediterranean villa. Now, he’s not that rich that this doesn’t affect him, and it was years repairing that villa, leaving him to spend his winters with the English rain. Cheezed me off too. I liked visiting that villa during those English winters…

The Importance of Preventative Care

President John F Kennedy wrote, ‘The best time to repair a roof, is when it’s shining‘.

You may have recently read a poem on this website, ‘The Ambulance in the Valley ‘.
My musical hero, John Denver, saw it in his chiropractor’s clinic and he often quoted it during his concerts. Essentially, it's about the wisdom of prevention and thus, preservation of the good we have been given as opposed to all the expense and pain when things unnecessarily break down.

So, I’ll ask you these questions:

• How good do you feel inside when you take your car in for a regular tune-up?
• Or have a dental check-up?
• Or go over your retirement plan with your trusted planner?

If you’re at all like me, there is a sense of ease you feel. Maybe a feeling of self-respect too?

Did you know that chiropractic care has the highest patient satisfaction rating of any healthcare? On average, almost 9 out of 10 chiropractic patients are very happy with the care they receive.

I’ve only worked at Dr. Olson’s clinic for ten weeks. I’ve rarely seen any clinic like this. The vast majority of Dr. Olson’s patients are there to remain well. I have had the chance to meet a few of them. Everyone I meet speaks of the life they live because of his gentle, preventive care.


How can Chiropractic care be Preventative?

As you know, we chiropractors use manipulative, soft tissue, and mobilization techniques to correct spinal joint stiffnesses and misalignments.

Just like any mechanical device you own (and this body is the most important one you own. Spare parts are hard to come by and slow to order), everyday use with poor postures, too much sitting, stress, accidents, falls, etc., creates stiffnesses/misalignments. Left unattended, this results in pain and wear and tear changes. Unnecessary. Preventable.

We like keeping you well. Pain and expense are the unattended leaks in the roof.

Dr. Christopher Walker

Dr. Christopher Walker

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