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Here’s the  third instalment of our anti-sitting strategy exercises

This exercise has to do with muscle strength. Muscle weakness and atrophy can occur after about 7 days of inactivity. As muscles weaken they get tired and sore and weight-bearing loads are gradually transferred to the joints and ligament system of the body, adding joint pain and stiffness.

Anti-Sitting Strategy #3 – The Farmer’s Carry

While we can’t get to the gym these days, we can do a simple overall weight-bearing exercise in our homes. All you need are two weights, each weighing 15-20 pounds. Some suggestions for weights are two pails or buckets filled equally with water, rocks or dirt from the garden or two evenly filled re-usable grocery bags filled with tin cans. This exercise will strengthen your core, arms, legs and improve your posture all at the same time!

Start with your weights placed on a low surface, you don’t want to pick these up off the ground. Bend at the hips and use your glutes to stand tall with a weight in each hand.



Keeping a tall posture and your shoulders relaxed, walk up and down a hallway or anywhere around your house or apartment.


One or two minutes is enough and should be performed a few times during the day. A heavier weight actually makes the exercise feel better and more effective, but please be careful when you pick the weights up and put them back down.

And thanks to Sheila Hamilton at Movement Garden for the photos!

Dr. David Olson

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