Does Sitting on a Stability Ball Help Ease Back Pain?

Patients often ask me if sitting on a stability ball will help their back pain.

A recent study was performed to investigate whether sitting on a stability ball, instead of a traditional chair, for up to 90 minutes a day for eight weeks would have any effect on core endurance and the incidence of lower back pain.

After the eight week period, there was no statistically significant changes in lower back pain or disability between those sitting on the ball compared to those sitting in a traditional chair.

There was, however, statistically significant increases in the front and back core muscle strength in the stability ball sitters. There was no change in the side core muscle strength – important if you are relying on the stability ball for complete core fitness.

So, as you are sitting on that stability fall, fighting the tendency to roll and fall off the ball, you can watch this 70’s classic cringy music video by Sweet and get some exercise.